Mesquite Railway Spur

Mesquite Railway Spur

Project Description

Location: Brawley, CA
Value: $36 Million
Completed: 2010

Project Overview

The Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County received the green light to build California’s first waste-by-rail project. Coffman Specialties, Inc. was awarded the contract to build a railway spur, bridge and facilities where containerized trash will arrive by train for disposal at the Mesquite Regional Landfill, located about 5 miles east of Glamis, CA. The project is considered a milestone in the development of the waste-by-rail system and will provide an innovative, environmentally responsible, regional solid waste disposal solution.

The project calls for the construction of a 100-acre intermodal facility similar to large seaports where containers are moved by crane. At the railway spur, containers of solid waste will be transferred from rail cars onto trucks for disposal in the landfill. CSI is also building a 4.5 mile railway spur to connect to the Union Pacific Railroad and a bridge to span storm water during inclement weather.

Quick Facts

  • 5 miles of railway connecting the landfill with the Union Pacific mainline.
  • 7 miles of earthen and cement draining channels.
  • 300-foot concrete bridge.
  • 3 at-grade public crossings.
  • 95,000 tons of Portland cement concrete.
  • 950,000 cubic yards of excavation.
  • 280,000 tons of aggregate base materials.
  • 25,000 cubic yards of roller compacted concrete.
Mesquite Railway Spur
Mesquite Railway Spur