Project Description

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Value: $68.5 Million
Completed: 2003

Project Overview

Less than two years after CSI rebuilt the north runway at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, they were awarded the reconstruction project for the center runway of the busy, three-runway airfield. A joint venture with Ames Construction, the project entailed removal of the existing center runway and 23 taxiways.

Originally slated to be completed in multiple phases over an extended period of time, the major civil works were built in just seven months. To alleviate any inconvenience to the traveling public, strict time constraints were placed on the contract, allowing just 90 days to complete the runway and taxiways. Failure to do so meant a fee of $200,000 for every day over.

The staging plan provided, however, was defective in allowing access to the site. CSI designed a new plan and went on to complete all work in just 78 calendar days. The project earned the prestigious Build Southwest Award for Excellence in Civil Construction.

Quick Facts

  • 400,000 square yards of 19-inch PCCP.
  • 100,000 tons of asphalt.
  • 6,500 cubic yards of concrete poured per day.
Sky Harbor Int'l Airport - Center Runway
Sky Harbor Int'l Airport - Center Runway