Project Description

Location: Imperial, CA
Value: $31.6 Million
Completed: 2008

Project Overview

In the largest irrigation canal in the world, water flowing from the Colorado River to the thirsty Imperial Valley was seeping into the ground at more than 68,000 acre-feet a year. The Valley’s only source, the canal provides drinking water for nine cities and irrigates over half a million acres.

One of the most ambitious projects it has ever undertaken, CSI was tapped to line 10 miles of the 82-mile long waterway. The canal was 150-feet wide at the top, with a bottom 50-feet wide and a slope of 2:1. There were complications at every turn, from the desert, sandy environment which made truck travel difficult to the need for specialty equipment to accomplish the mammoth task.

Wanting to complete the 4-inch thick concrete paving in just two passes, CSI partnered with specialty equipment manufacturer GOMACO to develop a one-of-a-kind paver capable of laying a path 72 feet wide. Two other special units were developed for this project: a water stop machine capable of inserting water stop material every 15 feet and a work bridge/cure machine from which a curing compound was applied to the entire concrete pour.

5,000,000 cubic yards of earth was excavated by joint venture partner Ames Construction.  Over 850,000 square yards of concrete, 4-inches thick was poured. CSI completed the project within budget and ahead of schedule following strict procedures from material delivery to final finishing.

Quick Facts

  • 10 miles of canal paved in just 2 passes.
  • 43 truckloads of specialty equipment delivered to the sandy, desert site.
  • 95,000 cubic yards (175 acres) of concrete.
  • 182 miles of water stop material inserted in a 15-foot grid pattern.
All American Canal
All American Canal