Project Description

Delivery Method: CMAR
Location: Buckeye, Arizona
Value: $23.6 Million
Completed: February 2017

Project Overview

Phase 2A requires the rehabilitation of approximately 5 miles of an embankment dam that is located just north of the Interstate 10 in Buckeye, Arizona. Operations include raising the east end area of the dam, reconstructing a central filter, restoration of existing outlet drains, adding upstream and downstream access ramps, constructing O&M roads, removing an irrigation outlet, hydro-seeding the slopes of the embankment and applying rock mulch.

Quick Facts

  • Over 4 miles of trenching at average depths up to 40 feet.
  • 115,150 tons of filter sand.
  • 113,292 cubic yards of processed embankment dirt that meets gradation, moisture, plasticity, and compaction requirements.
  • The embankment fill requires handling the material 3 separate times prior to its final placement.
  • In place moisture conditioning is not allowed and has to be done prior to placement.
  • Use of a custom engineered trench box for hand excavation and removal of an irrigation pipe running perpendicular to the filter at a 27 ft depth.
Buckeye FRS No.1 Rehabilitation – Phase 2A
Buckeye FRS No.1 Rehabilitation – Phase 2A