Project Description

Location: Victorville, CA
Value: $28 Million
Completed: 2004

Project Overview

Interstate Route 15 is the 4th longest North-South transcontinental highway in the U.S. CSI was selected as the concrete paving subcontractor to reconstruct 25 miles of the entire north- and south-bound lanes between Victorville and Barstow in the high desert of California.

Because the route is a major thoroughfare between the two cities, traffic handling and easing traffic congestion was of particular concern. CSI used a specialty paver capable of automatically inserting traverse dowel rods while on the move and paved the entire 3 lanes plus shoulder in one pass in each direction – a total width of 46½ feet. Lean concrete base and pavements totaled more than 500,000 cubic yards.

Even though an on-site concrete plant and multiple sites were used to lessen the effects of weather conditions and minimize grid lock on the travelway, some loads of concrete were hauled over seven miles to the paving machine.

Quick Facts

  • Computerized IDBI paver.
  • 500,000 cubic yards of concrete.
  • 25 miles in each direction.
  • 46½ feet wide paved in one pass.
I-15 Victorville to Barstow CA
I-15 Victorville to Barstow CA