Repair 300 Ramp Phase 9 & 11
Repair 300 Ramp Phase 9 & 11
Repair 300 Ramp Phase 9 & 11

Project Description

Delivery Method: Bid-Build
Location: Fairfield, CA
Value: 7.3 Million
Completion Date: December 2009

Project Overview

Travis AFB is home to Air Force, Army, and Navy air units, 16,000 people and one of the largest collections of historic military aircrafts in the west. The base handles more cargo and passenger traffic than any other military air terminal in the U.S. Coffman Specialties, Inc. was awarded a contract to repair and replace two sections of the aircraft parking area known as 300 ramp, originally installed in the 1940’s. The work included demolition of the existing 300 Ramp pavements; installation of new storm drainage lines; installation of a new pavement under-drain system; replacement of the 300 Ramp pavements; and incidental related work. The project was immediately adjacent to active runways, taxiways, and aircraft parking for the 60th Air Mobility Wing, the largest in the Air Force. The airfield has been in active service since WWII. Facilities added over the years had few details about what lay beneath them. CSI successfully excavated in and around all utilities and obstructions without incident.

Quick Facts

  • The work included approximately 26,000 SY (12,300 CY) of heavy duty Portland cement concrete (PCC) pavement 17 inches thick.
  • The existing aggregate base was salvaged, processed, and stockpiled for re-use.
  • Removed concrete was salvaged, processed, and stockpiled for re-use.
  • The total quantity of material recycled was 11,600 cubic yards (CY).nes, and retaining walls.